Apology from Callaho

Callaho Lissabon and Mandy Johnstone at President's Cup

Callaho Lissabon and Mandy Johnstone at President’s Cup

Following a controversial decision by judges to discard 4 penalties incurred by Mandy Johnstone and Callaho Lissabon, which preceded the pair’s win in the main class of the Tack ‘n Togs President’s Cup on 15 March, Callaho owner, Ian Callender-Easby has issued a formal apology to competitors and the riding community regarding the outcome.

During the class, the stallion was distracted by activities outside the arena, resulting in him knocking a pole. Johnstone disputed the penalties, and in a decision that was upheld by fellow riders, the round was deemed clear. She later went on to jump clear to the final round, winning the class overall.

Formal statement

In a formal statement to SA Showjumping by Callender-Easby, owner of Callaho Lissabon and employer of Mandy Johnstone, he states that the decision contravenes the rules of showjumping and added that the outcome was unfair to the other competitors. In his opinion Lissabon was incorrectly placed as the winner of the event. He added that he had drafted a request for Clem dos Santos, Vice-Chairman of SA Showjumping, to review the incident. Callender-Easby was not present at the event when the incident occurred.

The full statement appears on the SA Showjumping Facebook page.

Text: Charlotte Bastiaanse
Photography: Charlotte Bastiaanse