Horse Training

Owning a racehorse


Your first step in becoming an owner is deciding if you want to be part of the lifestyle. Owning a racehorse can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

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Schooling the young event horse

Introducing a horse to the cross country phase of eventing should be a process that is unrushed and kept fun in order to create a solid foundation of trust between the horse and rider. It is often in the very first few outings to a cross country venue with a young or inexperienced horse that they learn the best and ...

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Showjumping etiquette

Once you’ve made the decision to start competing, it’s comforting to know that when you arrive at the show you’ll be ready for anything. Last month top SA showjumper Anne-Marie Esslinger gave advice on being correctly dressed. This month we cover the topic of show etiquette. Rules and regulations Reading the showjumping rules is worthwhile (you’ll find them at Some ...

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Whips and spurs…Are they for you?

  Whips and spurs fall into the category of artificial aids; they are simply there to refine the aids you give your pony and the responses that he gives to you. They should never inflict pain or cause open wounds, and a dressage whip and spurs should only be used on the advice of your instructor.   In the case ...

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Polo training tips

Polo demands a lot from your horse. To ensure that you’re giving him the best opportunity to manage the challenge, try these training tips from polo players Johan du Plooy and Janna Strehlau. Firstly, remember that a pony with well-balanced conformation and a good temperament will always do better. When choosing your pony, keep that in mind! Because polo is ...

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United s New Jerseys Number

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