A day with international photographer, Gabriele Boiselle

When equine photography icon Gabriele Boiselle recently visited South Africa to photograph some of our top studs, HQ had the opportunity to spend a day in her company as she worked. We left the experience inspired and enlightened. “I like to work with people who love horses,” says Gabriele, who is in the fortunate position of being able to choose ...

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The rising cost of horse care

Economies worldwide are taking strain. We hear about massive national debts, crude oil prices, and experience for ourselves the pressure of increasing costs of keeping our horses. If equestrian disciplines could be labelled as ‘the sport of kings’, then many equestrians could be called the ‘princes and princesses of paupers’. The costs of keeping horses and anything to do with ...

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Travelling to Iceland

Ancient and modern, adrenaline-fuelled and sublimely relaxing, Iceland is an island of contrasts and holds serendipitous surprises in every mountain, glacier and grassy valley. Iceland boasts the title of greenest country in Europe thanks to its innovative use of geothermal power. While freezing cold highlands of sand and lava fields are completely uninhabitable, the mild coastal region seldom dips below zero and ...

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