Equestrian fashion

Rider apparel has evolved to be performance-driven and stylish

Rider apparel has evolved to be performance-driven and stylish

Riding apparel has become much more than just jods and boots over the years. Helmets, shirts, breeches, boots, belts – you name it – everything available on the market these days features stylish, fashion-forward and technologically advanced elements. Riding clothes have developed into a fashion, with many riders buying into brand names that allow them to be comfortable yet fashionable when they ride.

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Show shirts

For some of us, it is an absolute relief that we have managed to move past plain white, collared show shirts. Shirts these days have started incorporating different materials, as well as different patterns and colours, to make them an attractive element of your show gear. Rider comfort is always in mind with modern brands, with many show shirts being manufactured from comfortable, flexible and breathable materials.

Long-sleeve show shirts are no problem to wear during the hot summer season, as the material is thin and entirely breathable. Many brands are now featuring UV reflection technology, so that you can keep cool while wearing your show shirt throughout the day.


Cavalleria Toscana's competition wear is elegant and sporty

Cavalleria Toscana’s competition wear is elegant and sporty

Breeches have truly evolved over the years. Gone are the days of having to wear lined jodhpurs that make you feel hot and bothered all day long. Breeches are being manufactured from four-way stretch material that ensures you can move comfortably while wearing them. Microfibre, polyamide and other performance-focused materials all contribute to rider flexibility and athleticism during riding. Some brands’ breeches incorporate moisture- and dirt-controlling properties.

Breeches are now famous for being a fashion-statement item in any equestrian’s wardrobe. Embellishments, trim, stitching, pocket design and knee-grips have all advanced to make breeches look fitted, flattering and sporty.


Competition jackets these days are manufactured from ‘soft-shell’ material. They are designed to maintain the same smart shape as traditional jackets, while still keeping rider comfort in mind. The fabrics used are breathable and stretchy, so that riders still have freedom of movement.

Weather conditions are also factored in, with many brands opting for water- and wind-resistant fabrics as well as thinner materials that are ideal during the hot summer.

A rainbow of colours, bold patterns, bling, buttons, zips – they’re all available!

Riding boots

Fashion-forward riders have long abandoned short boots and chaps. Long boots have been in style for a while now and are more stylish than ever. Decorative bands at the top of the boots feature anything from an embossed pattern to patent leather, diamante or a touch of colour.

Top-quality leather and elasticated sides ensure a perfect fit around the rider’s leg and minimise wear-in time. Boots have advanced technologically over the years to feature a durable and comfortable sole, shock absorbency and ventilation.


This Cavalleria Toscana belt incorporates leather with braided stretch fabric

This Cavalleria Toscana belt incorporates leather with braided stretch fabric

Belts are possibly the most favoured accessory among horse riders. A simple yet bold element, the belt brings with it a smart and fashionable touch. Riders can opt for a classic leather belt with beautiful white stitching, or a belt in a colour that complements the rider’s personal style. Belts are a must-have for any equestrian, and are fashionable enough to wear with outfits beyond the riding wardrobe.


We all know that the most important thing about a helmet is its safety factor. That being said, a helmet is something we have to wear each and every time we ride. Helmets are lighter and stronger than they have ever been. All modern brands are focused on ventilation and adjustability to ensure optimum comfort. Aerodynamic and wider-brimmed peaks promote performance and allow for greater sun protection when riding.

Helmets these days are more stylish than ever before, with several looks and feels available on the market. Whatever you can imagine – a glossy shell, glittery elements, a splash of colour – we can guarantee it exists in a helmet.

Leisure wear

Several equestrian brands offer products that surpass riding apparel. Brands are now also very focused on producing clothing that riders can wear around the yard, at shows, or even at home. Short- and long-sleeve down-type jackets are particularly popular among equestrians, and a range of polo-style shirts is also favoured during training at home. Equestrian elements are subtle, with mostly just brand logos being displayed.