McIntosh nabs Nissan Outdoor GP

Samantha McIntosh and Let's Win clearing the final fence of the jump-off

Samantha McIntosh and Let’s Win clearing the final fence of the jump-off

The Nissan SA Adult Outdoor Grand Prix class held on 6 April at the Nissan Easter Festival, was convincingly clinched by Samantha McIntosh on Let’s Win this Easter weekend, earning them R30,000 in prize money.

The pair went through to a jump-off after a tight, technical course which yielded just two clear rounds – one from Samantha and another from crowd-favourite, Lorette Knowles-Taylor on the ever-youthful Nissan Nabab Forever.

Pressure on

Winners and sponsors on the podium

Winners and sponsors on the podium

The jump-off saw a respectable number of 4-faulters riding clear, putting the pressure on for Samantha and Lorette, but both rode fantastic rounds, taking them into a final jump-off. Here Samantha shone with yet another blistering clear round, while Lorette racked up 8 faults, putting her into second. Lorette had previously wowed the crowed at the previous day’s dramatic 6-bar event, when she and Nissan Titanic cleared a whopping 1.90m jump to win R15,000.

Joint third place was taken by Anne-Marie Esslinger on Alzu Oregon and Chatan Hendricks on Air Holidays Cowan House.