Olympia: Statement on Bertram Allen

Blood was spotted on Bertram Allen's horse Quiet Easy

Blood was spotted on Bertram Allen’s horse Quiet Easy

Following the Olympia Grand Prix CSI5* at Olympia, The London International Horse Show on 21 December, 2015, Bertram Allen (IRL) was disqualified by the Ground Jury under Article 242.3.1 of the FEI Jumping Rules when the FEI Steward tasked with the mandatory post-competition boot and bandage control reported to the Ground Jury that Allen’s horse, Quiet Easy, had presented with blood on the offside (right) flank.

An appeal was lodged by Ms Mhairi Alexander who had been appointed by the Rider and Mrs E Phillips, the Owner, to speak on their behalf.  The Appeal Committee heard from The Ground Jury, the FEI Steward and the appointed representative of the Rider.

The Appeal Committee upheld the decision of the Ground Jury that Bertram Allen was correctly disqualified from the competition.

The class was awarded to Michael Whitaker (GBR) and Viking.

Source: Olympia press release

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