Rand Hunt: Children’s Meet


A large field of 72 riders turned out for the annual Children’s Meet

Sunday 6 December was a beautiful sunny day and everyone gathered in the now very green bowl below the ICB Clubhouse for the traditional speeches and stirrup cup. A large field of 72 riders turned out for the annual Children’s Meet. There were some exceptionally beautiful ponies present. Although anyone can attend this hunt, it is understood by all that the focus is on young riders under 21.

Highlights of the event

Much of what this meet is about is to let the young riders experience as many aspects of the hunt as possible. Andrie was the Field Master for the hunt and with every new line sent some of the kids forward to ride with the whippers-in and Margie,the Huntsman. Sarah and Hannah were the first to go forward on the first line. There were some very keen, competent riders from Kincardine and they also took their turn going forward with Margie.

Fiona Butcher, who manages the Inanda Club riding school in Sandton, enthusiastically organized a large group of kids to box over and participate in the hunt. Most of these riders belong to the River Park Pony Club and some of the parents are members of the Inanda Club’s Polo section.


Greta, Gunner and Baxter enjoying the hunt

The hounds’ vet, Andrew Versfeld, was out with his two daughters Ruth and Anna. All the ponies crossed the ‘big water’ in the Meadows looking like professionals despite the fact that most of the ponies had never seen this kind of water before.

Bill, the Rand Hunt Chairman, had a huge car following with all the parents and families supporting and cheering on their kids. The Rand Hunt Pony Club provided a great breakfast at the ICB Clubhouse where everyone gathered to discuss the morning’s happenings.