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When is a horse considered ‘on the bit?’

Riders in today’s age have lost sight of what it means for a horse to be ‘on the bit’. The expression has become associated with submission and obedience of the horse, and the aesthetic look of the horse with his head down and ‘in a frame’. Although we don’t know where the actual expression came from, being ‘on the bit’ ...

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Choosing the right bit

The bit is seen as the rider’s line of communication to the horse. There is great variety when it comes to bitting options, and we are often left overwhelmed by all the choices. It’s important that we as riders are able to make an informed decision and keep our horse’s individuality top of mind when choosing a bit. Like with ...

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Bit sores

This month we look at damage to the mouth caused by poorly fitting and unsuitable bits. If a horse is poorly fitted, he will experience and express discomfort. Discomfort can explain a lot of a horse’s behaviour. Many horses have damage in their mouths caused by the bit or mistreatment of the bit, which owners may be unaware of. Natascha ...

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