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When tack hurts

When our horses start acting up when being ridden, our minds quickly think it’s some kind of internal pain or mental block that the horse is experiencing, resulting in out-of-the-norm behaviour. While it’s important not to ignore the possibility that that could very well be the case, we often overlook our horse’s tack. When tack hurts, it can easily impact ...

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Washing your horse in 7 steps

The first step to getting any horse clean and tidy is, of course, a bath. It’s best to bath your horse the day before you plan to give him a total makeover, unless you’ve got the whole day to spare. Your horse is going to need a good scrubbing, so it’s best to wash him in a crush or have ...

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Spring cleaning

As we come out of the chilly winter season, it’s time to start looking forward to the warmer summer season. Summer means sunshine, green grass, much-needed rain, longer days, and more time to ride. With so much to look forward to, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is maintenance around the yard. If you’ve let the cold winter ...

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Healthy water intake

Water is one of the foundations of life and plays a huge role in the wellbeing of our four-hooved friends. Whether a happy hacker or professional athlete, a vitally important factor to consider is hydration. During the winter period, some horses’ water intake becomes much less. This month we look at maintaining your horse’s hydration. Dehydration Horses typically require 25ℓ ...

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Get rid of that winter fuzz

Winter is a time that most fussy horse owners and riders hate, especially on the Highveld where our once sleek and shiny horses turn into raggedy, fluffy dust monsters. It sometimes seems as though we’ll never see them sleek and shiny again. Has your horse emerged from winter looking like a woolly mammoth? Here are a few tips to get ...

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Showing shine


When you set foot into the showring, you want your pony to be so gorgeous that the judge can’t stop looking at him. This takes hard work and a horse who is in peak condition. We help you with a few tips so that you sparkle and shine to perfection.

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