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Bun in the oven – The development of a foal

It’s very exciting to be involved in breeding a live, healthy foal. Besides, who doesn’t love the sound of tiny hooves cantering around in the paddock alongside your beautiful mare? In part one, which appeared in the July issue (HQ124), we explored the mare’s reproductive cycle. We now look at the stages of gestation of the pregnant mare. Falling pregnant ...

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Effects of training too hard, too soon

It’s very exciting to have the opportunity to school a young horse and see the progress through many hours of training, time and effort. However, all too often riders and trainers get carried away too quickly, and we subject the young horse to injury – not intentionally, but it can happen nonetheless. We explore the main training injuries sustained by ...

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Ever wondered why foals are born during the summer? Horses are seasonal breeding animals, meaning that they prefer to breed during the light summer seasons. A horse’s gestation period is 11 months, so a mare will foal down in the next summer season. The reason for this is that animals of prey who are born during the warm and light ...

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