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Ready for Nissan Easter Festival: Nicola Sime-Riley

Who are the horses that you’ll be competing on at this years NEF? Sunny Park Stables Elpaso and Fulvic Connoisseur in the 1.50m. Tell us about your horses’ personalities? They are both triers. Elpaso has a lot of personality – he squeals and bucks when he’s having fun. Con can have that ‘wild side’ at times and I call him ...

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Muscle up: conditioning your horse

Muscle is the most adaptive tissue in the body in that it can grow and develop with training and degenerate and become weaker during periods of inactivity. Trained muscle is more efficient because: It has an increased number in the size and type of muscle fibres, which make up the muscle. It has an increased blood supply, so more nutrients ...

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