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Finance for horses

Horse lovers are an unusual bunch – ask anyone who has never been involved in the game. Like many other sporting enthusiasts, we won’t hesitate to invest small fortunes in our passion, and given half the chance, we’ll spend the price of a small car to own a top quality horse. With competitive prospects ranging from anywhere between R50,000 to R500,000, ...

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Stuart Walker clinic success

First clinic A Stuart Walker Show-Jumping Clinic was held over the weekend of 31st July, 1st/2nd August, 2015, at two venues in Gaborone. The clinic was hosted by the Horse Society of Botswana and the lessons were subsidised by the HSB so that the cost of a one hour lesson to the rider was BWP200.00. Thank you HSB. This clinic was organised ...

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The rising cost of horse care

Economies worldwide are taking strain. We hear about massive national debts, crude oil prices, and experience for ourselves the pressure of increasing costs of keeping our horses. If equestrian disciplines could be labelled as ‘the sport of kings’, then many equestrians could be called the ‘princes and princesses of paupers’. The costs of keeping horses and anything to do with ...

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