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Penetrating wounds of the foot

Puncture wounds of the equine foot are common and can be very serious. The most common objects that penetrate horses’ feet are nails and screws, but other sharp objects such as pieces of farm implements can sometimes cause these penetrating wounds too. If a sharp object penetrates a horse’s foot, it can damage the sensitive tissues and deeper structures underneath ...

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Claiming correctly: brought to you by Equipagé

An Equine Mortality Policy is a policy where the owner of a horse insures the probability of the horse’s untimely death with an insurance company. This policy is arranged on the basis where death of the horse following illness or disease, injury or theft is covered subject to exclusions. So, in the event that your horse dies, the insurance company needs to ...

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Regaining confidence after a fall

It’s commonly said among riders that you aren’t a true horse rider until you have had a couple of falls. Falling off a horse is not a matter of ‘if’, but rather a matter of ‘when’. Many riders have an innate fear of falling. However, after riding for an extended period of time without a fall, we grow in confidence ...

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