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Penetrating wounds of the foot

Puncture wounds of the equine foot are common and can be very serious. The most common objects that penetrate horses’ feet are nails and screws, but other sharp objects such as pieces of farm implements can sometimes cause these penetrating wounds too. If a sharp object penetrates a horse’s foot, it can damage the sensitive tissues and deeper structures underneath ...

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Nerve blocking

One of the biggest mysteries horse owners can face is why their horses may be lame. Lameness has a variety of causes, and it is often very difficult to pinpoint exactly what the cause of it is. With modern technology and extensive research, veterinary practices have advanced to making use of nerve and joint blocks to aid in deciphering where ...

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Understanding positive flexion tests

Flexion tests of both the fore- and hindlimbs are common diagnostic tools, particularly used for the purposes of pre-purchase examination. Many of us have heard the words ‘failed flexion test’ or ‘positive flexion test’ when looking into buying or selling a horse, but what do these terms really mean? What is the significance of these results and how seriously should ...

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