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How do I know when it’s time for my horse to retire?

Many horses retire due to an injury that dictates a poor or impossible working life post diagnosis. Leg injuries, back injuries and disease are the leading cause for working and competitive horses being retired. However, some horses tick on well into their golden years with no obvious signs of trouble – so how do we know when it’s time to ...

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Mud matters

Mud is a reality for many stable yards, particularly those in the Cape region as its winter consists of continuous rain. Other regions will experience heavy rainfall over the summer months, but will go without for the rest of the year. Some yards and studs are more inclined to become victim to muddy conditions than others. Mud is the result ...

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Grass allergies

Along with our glorious summer weather comes the dreaded mange for those whose horses are susceptible. Seemingly overnight, sleek shiny horses can turn into dull-coated, itching shadows of their former selves. It can be every proud owner’s nightmare and it’s certainly no fun for the horse either. Imagine being covered in millions of tiny mosquito bites, and you will get ...

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