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Muscle up: conditioning your horse

Muscle is the most adaptive tissue in the body in that it can grow and develop with training and degenerate and become weaker during periods of inactivity. Trained muscle is more efficient because: It has an increased number in the size and type of muscle fibres, which make up the muscle. It has an increased blood supply, so more nutrients ...

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Fit to ride

One of the most irritating things that riders hear is, “You just sit there and the horse does all the hard work.” We may not climb off our horses dripping as though we’ve just run 10km, but undeniably, riding is a form of exercise. Riding involves a lot of core and muscular strength, which should be trained out of the ...

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Straightness Training

Straightness Training is a programme based on the wisdom and techniques of the old dressage masters: Francois Robichon de la Gueriniere, Antoine de Pluvinel, Francois Baucher and Gustav Steinbrecht to name a few. It takes this knowledge a step further by incorporating more modern concepts like learning theory, behavioural science and biomechanics. It is a method onto which can be ...

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