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Your horse at the hospital – Vital questions answered

The news that your horse or pony needs an operation is always worrying to an owner and family connections. A good understanding of what will happen when you reach an equine hospital with your horse or pony can reduce anxiety, and in many cases will contribute to a successful outcome. What paperwork will I receive? For a planned (elective) procedure, ...

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Ask HQ – Your equestrian questions answered

Have a question that you’d like us to answer? Email us at hq@panorama.co.za, inbox us on Facebook or Instagram, or join our ‘Ask HQ’ Facebook group. Question: What is the difference between therapeutic and diagnostic ultrasound? Asked by Caitlin White Answer: Diagnostic ultrasound involves the use of ultrasound waves to produce an image that will aid in the diagnosis of ...

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AHS Update: Genome studies

Researchers in Pretoria have conducted a study of the complete genome sequences of plaque selected isolates of each of the 3 virus strains included in a South African commercial trivalent African horse sickness attenuated live virus vaccine.

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