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Lengthening and collection

Lengthening and collecting is a useful exercise to practice during schooling sessions because it improves your horse’s level of responsiveness and accuracy, as well as encouraging your horse off the forehand and onto his hind legs. It’s important not to overdo the lengthening and collection in any schooling session because it puts more strain on your horse and can be ...

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In-hand work to improve your schooling

During the course of 2015, HQ spoke to German-accredited instructor, Helmut Wagner, about using correct schooling and gymnastics to unlock the natural movement of the dressage horse. This month we get back to the basics, with an overview of in-hand work and how it can help you overcome problems in the saddle. The right tools For correct in-hand work, you ...

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Does your horse have ADHD?

Schooling isn’t easy. It takes commitment, patience and a clear idea of what you hope to achieve. Additional challenges come in the form of the fundamental communication issues we face when working with an animal who has never learned to speak ‘human’. And then there’ll be times when one or both of you are simply having a bad day. Attention ...

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