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What does it mean if a rider has a hot seat?

A ‘hot seat’ is a pushy seat where the rider sits ‘on top’ of the horse, instead of ‘around’ the horse and ‘in’ the saddle. The cause of this problem could be a number of things and most often it can be traced back to the centre of the body: the buttocks, lower abdomen, lower back, pelvis and seat bones. ...

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How can you teach a horse to be more reactive to the aids?

The principle of action is reaction. Horses naturally yield away from pressure. It is very helpful to teach the horse to move away from pressure, like in the washing place when you ask the horse to step aside. For example, when you place your hand on the hindquarters (action) and the horse steps aside to make room for you (reaction), ...

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Rider and seat position

HQ is thrilled to be exclusively partnered with the Dutch-based Equine Support International (ESI). ESI educates equestrians all over the world to increase levels of equestrian knowledge. This helps horse owners, stables, educational institutions and federations to take a step forward with horse wellbeing and the sport in general. ESI provides unique custom-made solutions such as national talent programmes, training ...

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