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Which was the first racehorse stud in South Africa and who started it?

The first Thoroughbreds were imported into South Africa in 1792 and informal races were held at Green Point, Cape Town from September 1797. The British governor of the colony, Lord Charles Somerset, imported a number of English stallions and mares in 1814 and encouraged other wealthy settlers to do the same. A government stud was established at that time. By ...

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What is the maximum weight that a recreational horse can carry?

Horses can carry between 12% and 20% of their body weight, but body weight is not the only factor that decides if it is justified to carry a certain amount of weight. You have to look at the muscles, build and breed of the horse in order to make a safe observation and conclusion. Is the back weak or strong? ...

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Saddle fitting for the modern horse

We all know that one of the keys to a happy athlete is correctly fitting tack. In the December issue of HQ, we touched on the topic of bitting for the individual horse’s mouth. Another key piece of tack that is not up for debate is the saddle. Regular saddle fitting is vital to ensure the comfort of the equine ...

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