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Your first away show

South Africa’s equestrian disciplines host various national shows every year, with many riders making the journey to other provinces to compete. An away show is an exciting experience for you and your horse, and it gives you the opportunity to compete in a bigger, more diverse pool of riders. Thorough preparation and a good understanding of the show is key ...

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New horse movement restriction effective this month

A ban on the direct movement of horses into the Western Cape’s African Horse Sickness (AHS) Controlled Area zones comes into effect on Monday (1 February 2016). Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, said the movement restrictions meant that all horses entering the province’s AHS Controlled Area would spend 14 days at a stop-quarantine facility. “We need to protect our ...

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Proactive driving for safe boxing

Safe driving for you and your horse

Most of us are competitive or at the very least have to transport our horses on the road at some point in their lives. As horse owners and lovers we are well aware of the dangers that we face when towing a horsebox and recent road reports of horse-related incidents have highlighted this issue. HQ spoke to several industry experts ...

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