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Are our vets earning enough?

From 24 to 27 July, the South African Veterinary Association (SAVA) and the South African Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine (SASVEPM) held a congress at Birchwood Hotel and OR Tambo Conference Centre, Boksburg. The congress, now in its ninth year, invited veterinarians and industry specialists from all over the country to congregate at Birchwood’s impressive conference centre, which ...

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Ask a vet – Pedal bone fractures in the horse

The pedal bone, also known as the coffin bone or distal phalanx, is a small half-moon shaped bone within the horse’s hoof capsule surrounded by delicate tissue called laminae. The pedal bone articulates with the short pastern bone via the distal inter-phalangeal or coffin joint. As the pedal bone is close to the sole of the horse’s hoof, fractures can ...

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Tricky tendons

Dr Henk Offereins (DVM, MVSc) is a Dutch vet based in Ireland, who specialises in equine sports medicine. He visits South Africa regularly where he works in conjunction with Pretoria-based Dr Ingrid Cilliers to introduce new veterinary concepts that are currently in use in Europe and America to our competitive riders. His main focus is the prevention of injuries, and ...

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