Bright future for horse rescued from manhole

Silver Lining looking much better after he was rescued from a manhole

Silver Lining looking much better after he was rescued from a manhole

There is so much more to the breaking news of a horse, named Silver Lining, rescued from a disused man-hole in Tembisa.

Silver Lining is truly an amazing horse that has cheated death once more and irrevocably changed the lives of four other horses. After being entrapped in the disused man-hole she has gone on to survive a case of life-threatening colic over the past weekend. Her tenacity and strength is amazing to witness. This wonderful horse has been the catalyst of four other horses joining her on her road to becoming a ‘Diamond from Dust’ said Executive General Manager Heather Muller for The Society for Animals in Distress.

Diamonds from Dust is a programme that ensures that horses that are voluntarily surrendered from the coal yards of Greater Tembisa and Ivory Park find safe pastures and purpose. Brando Smit, a highly knowledgeable horse handler, is in the process of preparing these special diamonds for their journey ahead. Equine Manager for The Society for Animals in Distress, Sr Marizda Kruger, who was instrumental in directing the rescue operation and the handling and care of Silver Lining is proud of the continuing and substantial reduction of working equine under The Society’s successful Coal Yard Programme.

The ‘Diamonds from Dust’ will be participating in the upcoming Westfest gathering at Penbritte Equestrian Centre on the 7 – 9  July 2016.

Source: Animals in Distress


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