The Callaho Stud auction day

In the last article we gave you some insight into our preparatory work between auctions. Here, we provide more detail regarding exactly what is entailed. The auction is a team commitment. There are no specific individuals who stand out. From the car guard on the road all the way through to the stud manager, each plays an essential designated role. ...

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The Cleveland Bay

The Cleveland Bay was developed in Yorkshire, England by crossing native horses with some additions of Galloway, Andalusian and possibly Arabian blood. Horses were selected for strength, speed, soundness and stamina, the qualities needed for performance in long distance transport, farm work, and riding over rough terrain. The Cleveland Bay existed in his modern form by 1800, with the breed ...

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Breeding top-class showjumpers

As a breeder one has to keep up with what is happening in the world, look at what the latest trends are and what type of horse is required to jump the current and future tracks. It is then possible to plan your progeny to suit these trends, bearing in mind that a generation in horses is approximately 10 years. ...

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