Horse Health

Healthy horse breeding

Breeding the very best quality horses relies on not only using good bloodstock, but also ensuring the health of both mare and stallion at every step. Veterinarian Dr Pia Randleff-Rasmussen covers all the necessary health topics for breeding: from venereal diseases to deworming schedules for pregnant mares. Ensuring that your breeding programme goes well means starting way before you pair ...

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Equine rehabilitation: Back to work

If your horse has been out of work for a period of time due to injury, foaling, illness or for any other reason, getting him back into work is a process. Our experts offer their advice on equine rehabilitation. There are a number of reasons why your horse might be out of work, including but not limited to the following: ...

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Horse vaccinations in SA

A vaccination is an injection (with a sterile syringe and needle) of bacteria or viruses that cause a horse to build immunity to a specific illness. These organisms are inactivated or modified to avoid causing the disease themselves. Normally 2 or more doses are needed to start an adequate immune response. Once the first and booster vaccine are done, then the ...

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