East fixes, stable hacks and self-made projects

Anyone who runs a yard – be it small or large – knows that keeping horses is no easy task. Things break and get lost on a daily basis, and horses find a way of getting themselves into trouble at the most inconvenient of times. It’s always handy as a horse owner to have a few tricks up your sleeve when needing a quick fix or a yard hack – and this month we bring you exactly that.

DIY feed scoops?

Easy fix: Milk bottles are probably the be-all and end-all of arts and crafts. Make your own cheap food scoops by cutting the bottom end at a diagonal and leaving the lid and handle intact.

Blankets slipping off stable doors?

Easy fix: There’s nothing more irritating that having to pick up the same heavy duvet three times a day, because it’s slipped off the door or rug pole. Stick vet wrap all the way around the pole or over the top of the door. Its rough texture will stop the rugs from slipping off and keep them in place.

Ran out of poultice?

Easy fix: Run to any grocery store or select petrol stations and buy a pack of nappies. They substitute quite nicely for a poultice and can be securely fitted with the tabs and some extra vet wrap.

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