[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here’s no doubt that most of us love our ponies more than anything in the world! Even if you don’t have a pony of your own, perhaps you have a favourite pony at the yard or you lease a pony from someone. Either way, you probably have that one pony in your life that is so special to you and you just hope loves you back. Want to know if your pony loves you? Look out for the signs!

He comes to you in the paddock

Ponies have a reputation for never wanting to be caught! Don’t feel bad if you go to fetch your pony and he hides behind his friends. Your pony probably just doesn’t want to leave his paddock mates behind and miss out on all the fun! That being said, if your pony comes to you when you go fetch him, he must really love you! This shows that he’s happy to see you!

He follows you around

There is nothing sweeter than a pony who follows you around! He is showing you that he wants to be with you and that he enjoys your company. This can be while you’re doing work in the paddock, filling up water buckets or pulling out weeds. Your pony might also follow you around while you change jumps or add poles in your arena. Too bad he can’t lend a helping hoof!

He helps you out

None of us are perfect riders and sometimes we make mistakes. For example, if you’re coming into a jump and you get the totally wrong stride or you take your leg off, but your pony still jumps, he is showing you that he loves you by taking care of you! He could have stopped but he decided to jump anyway.

He snuggles with you in the stable

What could be better than pony hugs? Does your pony like to stand with his head over your shoulder or in your lap, or does he ignore you and carry on munching on his hay? If he turns his attention to you instead of his food then he definitely loves you!