Dominey Alexander: Nissan Easter Festival Q&A

With Nissan Easter Festival, now in its sixth year, on the horizon, riders are sure to be preparing for another fantastic week of competition.

Dominey Alexander answers some questions about the upcoming show:

How many horses are you competing on at Nissan Easter Festival and in what classes?

Dominey Alexander 2-1I have a busy show with 5 open horses this show

How is your preparation going for the Nissan Easter Festival?

Very good. I have just been training with British olympic showjumping trainer Rob Hoekstra and with his help I am hopefully ready

Which of the Nissan Easter Festival classes are you most looking forward to and why?

Obviously the Nissan SA Outdoor Grand Prix as it is the most prestigious class and the Middle Tour Dressage as it is a new level for me and my horse.

How do you mentally prepare for the bigger classes of the show?

On the day of the class prior to walking the course, I sit in my truck where I relax clear my mind and focus.

Do you get nervous with the big crowds watching and if so how do control your nerves?

I don’t get nervous. I get a rush of adrenaline and an excitement of trying to do well. When I am in the arena I don’t hear the crowd at all.

Do you follow an eating plan or do you just eat what you like?

I follow an eating plan of high protein and low carbs but I do need some carbs due to the amount of horses I will be riding.

Tell us about one of your favourite horses and why he is your favourite?

Discovery Alzu Baracuda – he is a nervous timid horse on his own but with me we make a good team. He is brave, always gives his best and a gentleman.

Do you enjoy the smaller classes on your young horses as much as the bigger classes?

Sometimes they are more scary. Have you ever ridden a 700kg animal where the accelerator, steering column and brake fail the same time.

As it is Easter will your family be at the show supporting you?

Yes. My wife to watch her horse and my boys to collect Easter Eggs

What part of NEF are you most looking forward to?

Seeing whether my preparation and that of my pupils I coach has been good enough by the rosettes we win


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