With the country going into lockdown, many of us are not going to be able to see our equine friends for the next 21 days…BUT our horses are winners, and winners win whatever the circumstances, so over the next three weeks HQ will be running a competition to choose the pictures of the most beautiful, talented, crazy and super cute horses in South Africa. All you have to do is trawl through your old photographs and then check on our website, Facebook page, Instagram feed or Twitter to find out which categories of pics we are looking for and then submit your splendiferous equine photographs to hq@panorama.co.za. Lots of our favourite brands have already donated prizes so the stakes are high, but even if you don’t win this time round, your horse’s photo will go into our albums and we’ll see what we can do to use them in the magazine at a later stage. So – what are you waiting for?? The first category is going out today. Closing date for all categories is Saturday the 18th of April 2020 and we will have a panel of horsey celebs selecting our winners. Get excited and get entering!

Please enter with your name, your horse’s name and your e-mail address, naming the category you want to enter under. Send all entries to hq@panorama.co.za Entries via social media will not be accepted. Thank you!