Jakaranda Children’s Home, is registered as a nonprofit organisation, caring for traumatized children placed in their care by the children’s court. Reasons for these placements include: sexual molestation, physical and mental abuse or abandonment. The Children’s home provides these traumatized children with therapy, medical care and most of all a loving home where they can feel wanted and loved. It is our mission to provide them with the necessary skills they need to become responsible adults.

Exciting new project

The Jacaranda Children’s Home is launching an adventurous Horse Riding Therapy project as a social and interaction skills development program. The aim of this project is to let children enjoy nature in a therapeutic way, and develop self-esteem, responsibility, leadership, mechanical skills and also a healthy life style. The children do have a need to interact with these animals.

They need your help

Due to the current dry conditions, they are in desperate need of 2 months’ supply of concentrate feeds for our horses, or roughly R4700 per month to buy this feed.

By supporting the Jakaranda Children’s Home, your company will give back to the community by supporting an institution that is effectively administered, to make sure that funds, discount or services received, will help their children to reach their full potential. Your contribution can help them to provide our children with much needed security and care. Should you decide to support them in any way possible, you can rest assured that your contribution will be highly appreciated, and make a huge difference in the lives of their children.

Get in touch

To make a donation or get in touch, please contact 012-800-4710, or visit www.jacarandachildren.co.za for more information.