With just 2 weeks to go until the Nissan Easter Festival, now in its sixth year with Nissan as sponsors, equestrians across the country are getting excited for another week of competing. As the riders prepare, fans are eager to hear how they are feeling for the upcoming classes.

Nicola Sime Riley answers some questions about the upcoming show:

Nicola Sime-Riley Wall1. How many horses are you competing on at Nissan Easter Festival and in what classes?

6 Open horses from 1.30m – 1.50m.

2. How is your preparation going for the Nissan Easter Festival?

Good – I hope!

3. Which of the Nissan Easter Festival classes are you most looking forward to and why?

The Nissan SA Outdoor GP. It is a great competition.

4. How do you mentally prepare for the bigger classes of the show?

I think we all must be mental! No seriously, I suppose we are just so focused we just ‘zone in’ –  I love it, it is just so amazing to be there.

5. Do you get nervous with the big crowds watching and if so how do control your nerves?

To be honest I get on with the job at hand and focus on the track and each horse so I don’t have much time to think of the rest…

6. Do you follow an eating plan or do you just eat what you like?

Eating plan… called a ‘see food diet’ but during the show I battle as I’m riding so many horses. I do have a good healthy big bowl of oats every morning and a toasted sandwich on the way home, but lots of fluids during the show.

7. Tell us about one of your favourite horses and why he is your favourite?

It is really so difficult to say I have a favourite. They are all so amazing and I’m really lucky to have such an amazing string.

8. Do you enjoy the smaller classes on your young horses as much as the bigger classes?

I do, they are sometimes challenging and I love getting them to the next level and teaching them.

9. As it is Easter will your family be at the show supporting you?

I hope so.

10. What part of Nissan Easter Festival are you most looking forward to?

Easter Sunday when the kiddies go hunting for the eggs. It’s so cute and they get so excited.