Penny and Monika enjoying the hunt
Penny and Monika enjoying the hunt

This hunt is a popular favourite as the open countryside is so beautiful and peaceful and out hosts so welcoming. The farm at Nigel is about 1 hour and 45 minutes  towing time from Inanda Country Base which makes it a very easy day’s outing with the horses.  There was some rain during the previous week making the ground and weather very good for the morning hunt.

Highlights of the hunt

Charmer's first hunt
Charmer’s first hunt

This hunt is very rewarding as the hounds love the wide open spaces and you can feel their enthusiasm and happiness. Radar still proved that he is a top hound being an incredibly fast and accurate hunter while Samson and Garrick also stood out.

It was Penny’s first time as Huntsman. She did a great job and enjoyed it thoroughly. Margie, the regular Huntsman, took a rest and watched the hounds and riders from the car, giving advice where she could. Helen took the drag; a difficult job as the farm is not that well known to us. Margie, Bill and Helen had visited the farm on the previous Wednesday to plan the lines.

The group had a small field with five local riders joining and riding with Graham in the Hack. Monika, Mark, Marie and Mike all helped with the hounds and made up the field. All looked happy when they came back although Mark was mumbling about his horse, Archer, who has developed a very nifty sideways spook when he sees the portable jumps!

Geoff and Anja manned the service vehicle during the hunt and then the travelling bar at the breakfast. They are very busy support that help make the hunt run smoothly and keep everyone happy!

Text: Michelle Louwrens