SAEF election meeting

A meeting was held at SASCOC house, on Saturday 8th August 2015, where all Discipline Associations, Associate Members and Provincial Federations met to discuss the way forward for equestrian sport.

Andre Truter was unanimously elected as President of the SAEF to lead the new structure supported by Eric Bianchi as SAEF Vice-President (FEI) and Shelly Beckbessinger Vice President (IEF).

1. The SAEF Constitution as amended and adopted on 12 July 2014 was used as the basis for the development of a new SAEF Constitution. The amendments shall be communicated to all the Discipline Associations and Associate Members, who will have 14 (fourteen) days to provide comments. A Special General Meeting (SGM) will be scheduled after the consultation process to adopt the SAEF Constitution.

All Discipline Associations, Associate Members and Provincial Federations agreed to work together going forward in the best interest of equestrian sport. The council unanimously resolved that being a composite Federation the SAEF will now be run by the Disciplines Associations, SANESA and Athletes commission at National, Provincial and District level.

The new SAEF executive will be visiting all 14 Discipline Associations to ensure that they are democratically elected at Provincial and National level and that all their Annual General Meetings have been held and that their audited financial documents are place. A finalized report will be submitted at the next meeting


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