Stuart Walker show jumping clinic: a big success

The Horse Society of Botswana hosted a Stuart Walker showjumping clinic over the weekend of 22 to 24 May 2015. The clinic was organised by Mrs Belinda Irish who had the difficult task of organizing group lessons according to the individual needs and experience of the rider. Stuart was accommodated at Belinda’s house and driven to the different venues to teach the clinics. The clinic was perfectly timed to help prepare riders for the Inter Africa Cup in South Africa at the end of June.

Stuart Walker is a talented rider and versatile instructor

Stuart Walker is a talented rider and versatile instructor

Stuart is a knowledgeable and versatile instructor who is able to teach at various riding levels. Stuart mostly teaches at private yards in South Africa but he has traveled out to Botswana a few times in past years to help other riders. Stuart’s showjumping clinics featured various gymnastic exercises as well as some standard courses. On the Friday, Stuart built four gymnastic lines. On Saturday, he built another four lines and on Sunday, he built six gymnastic lines.

The different exercises proved to challenge and improve the riders. One of the riders commented that, “Stuart is a great confidence builder. His clinics are paramount to the progression and development of our sport in Botswana. The clinic was thoroughly enjoyed by all who participated and riders could see a definite improvement in their showjumping techniques towards the end of the clinic.

Text: Charlotte Bastiaanse