Stutteri Ask

Stutteri Ask is located in Denmark and was founded by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, who still owns the stud today and is very passionate about it. Kjeld does not ride any of the horses himself, but he has a large interest in breeding them. Every year we produce between 15 and 17 foals, and Kjeld is the one who gives them all their names. All of our horses have ‘Ask’ at the end of their name. ‘Stutteri Ask’ means Ash Tree Stud in English. Stutteri Ask got its name from the Schelenborg Gods, where Stutteri Ask was founded and still is. Schelenborg was previously called ‘Eskebjerg’, which meant ‘the hill with ash trees’.

Stud operations

Most of our horses are registered in the Danish Warmblood Studbook, but we also have some registered in Holstein, Oldenburg, Zangersheide and other similar studbooks.

Today, the stud is led by Søren Møller Rohde, who is our head rider. Søren is active both on the horses and as the main leader of our team. In 2016, Søren won the Danish Championships with the mare Velerne Ask (Cosimo x Carpaccio). In 2015, he won silver with Laramy Ask (Lambrusco Ask x Larome, bred by Stutteri Ask). Velerne Ask was recently on the winning team at the Nations Cup at Equitour in Uggerhallene Aalborg, where she produced two lovely clear rounds. The other members who make up the riding and training team are Karen Møller Rohde, Maria Bjørnkær Bennetsgaard, Lasse Bendixen and Betina Møller Jensen.

Initial bloodstock

Stutteri Ask

Casir Ask (Cor de la Bryere/ Landgraf L/Capitano)

Our founding and first stallion is Casir Ask; he is still going strong, but is retired from the sport. He is now living the life, and spends most of his time turned out in the field. He has the sweetest character and is very well behaved and easy to handle. He is stabled between two mares in the yard, and there’s no problem whatsoever. Today he is 27 years old. We stopped selling his fresh semen when he was 25, but we still have some frozen of good quality, which we still offer to our customers. Casir Ask was Stallion of the Year in 2008 for Danish Warmbloods, he has elite status in the Danish Warmblood Studbook and was nominated as A-sire in the Swedish Warmblood Studbook. He has international victories himself and several offspring competing in international sport.

Casir Ask was the breeding stallion in Denmark with the most wins, with several international victories and placings.

Casir Ask produces big-framed, noble foals with good basic gaits, and he passes on his extraordinarily good temperament to his offspring. His offspring are very sought after among competitive riders, as they are very rideable and have fantastic jumping ability and scope.

When the stud first started up, the mares were not of very strong jumping pedigree, but we soon bought some mares who have excelled in the sport, and they have become the foundation for most of our breeding success today. These mares are Heide Ask, Florence Ask, Charett Ask and Lolitta Ask.

Stallions today

All our breeding stallions are of very high quality, otherwise they are taken out of our breeding programme if we don’t think the quality of the offspring is sufficient. We constantly try to find a new stallion for our collection, but we are very determined that the quality of the new stallion must be minimum the quality of the stallion we have in the stable, otherwise it’s better to wait. We don’t believe in cheating our customers, and will not sell the semen just to make money. We want our stallions to sire the best horses, and that demands a high quality of the stallions.

At the moment, Favorit Ask is the most popular among the breeders, and this year we have upgrades to our catalogue with two new three-year-old stallions, Kanango Ask (Kannan x Quick Star) and Action Man Ask Z (Action Breaker x Calvados Z).

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