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How do you stop the lower leg swinging?

Asked by Nicky Venter Keeping the lower leg still needs some riding without stirrups! Practise riding with no stirrups in your flatwork and make sure that your stirrups are the right length when you take them back. Ideally, you want the bottom of the stirrup iron to be at your ankle when your leg is hanging loosely. As a general ...

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Creating connections: what true contact should feel like

Riding can sometimes be an overwhelming minefield of both terminology and analogy, leaving the rider not entirely sure of what they are meant to be striving for. Here we demystify one of the most basic and yet complex concepts: the contact. We discuss what it means, what it should feel like, and how you can achieve a good hand-holding with your ...

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Lengthening and collection

Lengthening and collecting is a useful exercise to practice during schooling sessions because it improves your horse’s level of responsiveness and accuracy, as well as encouraging your horse off the forehand and onto his hind legs. It’s important not to overdo the lengthening and collection in any schooling session because it puts more strain on your horse and can be ...

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