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Paddock Paradise

Our horses today live truly domestic lives, and often they are deprived of a natural environment that can impact the small things – like hoof care. Paddock Paradise is a management concept that was first adopted in the United States as a means of providing domestic horses with an environment that is similar to their natural habitat. In 2007, Jaime ...

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The equine horse walker

In the wild, horses would roam over open distances, sometimes walking up to 50km per day. With domestication, horses are obviously restricted from this consistent freedom of movement. While we would all love to turn our horses out into massive paddocks where they can move around freely all day, the reality is that that luxury is not available to all ...

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Arena surface construction and maintenance

Professionals are all choosing to install or only work over synthetic mix surfaces – but do these arenas actually make a difference to the horse and your schooling? This month, HQ talks to Peter Morrison, who heads Martin Collins South Africa – equine facility specialists – about what goes into arena and yard structuring and maintenance. Arenas Over the past ...

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