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From groom to rider

There are many good reasons to invest in expanding your groom’s skill set. For a start, he is the one spending the most time with your horse, some 10 (or more) hours a day. This intensive care can add to marginal gains in competition horses, adding a few percent to your marks or leaving more poles up, or can quite ...

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Saddle and tack theft

When your treasured saddle is stolen, it’s usually nothing short of catastrophic. Not only have you lost a valuable item that probably carries a well-known brand name, but you’ve also lost a piece of sports equipment that has been carefully chosen and maintained to custom-fit you and your horse. In some cases, saddles are irreplaceable, either because they were specially ...

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Taking care of our grooms

As more equestrians pay attention to the business aspects involved in running a successful equine-related company, the issue of staff management has come under the spotlight. This is a particular concern when looking at the matter of grooms’ reimbursement packages. Retirement planning For many grooms a steady job is the most they feel confident to ask for in today’s economic ...

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