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Claiming correctly: brought to you by Equipagé

An Equine Mortality Policy is a policy where the owner of a horse insures the probability of the horse’s untimely death with an insurance company. This policy is arranged on the basis where death of the horse following illness or disease, injury or theft is covered subject to exclusions. So, in the event that your horse dies, the insurance company needs to ...

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Paddock Paradise

Our horses today live truly domestic lives, and often they are deprived of a natural environment that can impact the small things – like hoof care. Paddock Paradise is a management concept that was first adopted in the United States as a means of providing domestic horses with an environment that is similar to their natural habitat. In 2007, Jaime ...

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Nerve blocking

One of the biggest mysteries horse owners can face is why their horses may be lame. Lameness has a variety of causes, and it is often very difficult to pinpoint exactly what the cause of it is. With modern technology and extensive research, veterinary practices have advanced to making use of nerve and joint blocks to aid in deciphering where ...

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