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9 tips to choosing the right coach

All instructors have their own personal style of teaching, which will work for some but not for others. As a rider, you will likely change instructors a few times as you grow up, become more or less competitive, or change disciplines or yards. There are several factors we consider when choosing a coach, and we take a closer look at ...

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Train your riders better

  People differ from one another, and that’s a good thing: it makes the world more diverse and colourful. It also explains why you instantly ‘click’ with a certain person, while others are harder to communicate with. As a trainer, you probably recognise that some clients immediately understand your coaching, while others need more information and may repeatedly ask you ...

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What kind of coach are you?

In the equestrian sport many riders become trainers, but what makes a good trainer in particular? What is it like to be coaching somebody both in their daily training sessions and at competitions? Equine Support International (ESI) brings you a series of three articles that will guide you through some basic principles of coaching. Anne Loosveld, one of the ESI ...

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