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Inside your horse’s ears

  The equine outer ear includes the pinna (the flap of the ear) and the external auditory canal (the cuplike ear canal). The pinna collects soundwaves and channels them from the external auditory canal to the middle ear, where they meet the tympanic membrane (the eardrum) and cause it to vibrate. Here the ossicles (the auditory bones) transmit the tympanic ...

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Golf for Charity

Roxy Blows urges you to play Golf for Charity with HQ magazine. Listen to the live clip from her Animal Show on MixFM by clicking below #HQListenstoRoxyBlows Click here to read more above this event and to sign up. For more information on Roxy’s Animal Show, please see below: Website Facebook Twitter Email: roxy@mixfm.co.za

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The National Horse Trust Fund

Roxy Blows interviewed Lesley from the National Horse Trust Fund on Wednesday 6 May on her Animal Show on MixFM #AnimaltalkListenstoRoxyBlows Click the link here listen to the full interview or click here to visit the organisation’s website. Don’t forget to tune into her show every Wednesday from 9am-12noon for all things animal related. You can also stream the show by ...

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