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Breeding to sell

  Most breeders get into the business of horse breeding because they have a deep-rooted love of the animals. The desire to understand their chosen breed and work towards constant improvement of the youngstock should be the fundamental motivation behind a good breeding programme. The belief that the commercial side of breeding will allow them the opportunity to be immersed ...

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Artificial light for breeding

Horses are seasonal breeders – this is why most foals in the Southern Hemisphere are born during spring and early summer. Their reproductive systems depend on natural sunlight to function. Mares have multiple oestrous cycles throughout the warmer seasons of the year. When the seasons turn colder, a mare’s reproductive cycle becomes irregular and therefore she will be less likely ...

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Ever wondered why foals are born during the summer? Horses are seasonal breeding animals, meaning that they prefer to breed during the light summer seasons. A horse’s gestation period is 11 months, so a mare will foal down in the next summer season. The reason for this is that animals of prey who are born during the warm and light ...

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