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An interview with Nicole Horwood

Interview by Caroline Malan You’re currently ranked number 1 in SA. Tell us about your 2018 – what has gone so right? Ranking at number 1 position is normally about consistency. We have won a couple of big classes and been placed in many. Don Cumarco is feeling very fit and strong at the moment. He may not be young ...

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Rider profile: Nicole Horwood

Tell us about your 4 wins – all of them on Don Cumarco! It was always my childhood dream to win the Derby, there is something about the Derby that is very special. The first time I won was very surreal. It was Capital Don Cumarco’s first Derby as well as mine. I was so nervous and so overwhelmed, I ...

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Breeding top-class showjumpers

As a breeder one has to keep up with what is happening in the world, look at what the latest trends are and what type of horse is required to jump the current and future tracks. It is then possible to plan your progeny to suit these trends, bearing in mind that a generation in horses is approximately 10 years. ...

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