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What is the best bit for a young horse?

What is the best bit to start a young horse off in? Most people have told me a double-jointed eggbutt snaffle, but my youngster doesn’t seem to like it.  Asked by Bruce Ryden There are two things you need to take into account. Firstly, what makes you conclude that your horse doesn’t like the bit? A lot of difficulties in ...

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Does your pony love you?

There’s no doubt that most of us love our ponies more than anything in the world! Even if you don’t have a pony of your own, perhaps you have a favourite pony at the yard or you lease a pony from someone. Either way, you probably have that one pony in your life that is so special to you and ...

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Buying a new pony!

It’s a dream come true… your first pony! And having been through all the stress and time of finding and buying him, you can finally bring him home. To make sure that it’s a happy experience, here are some tips to make sure you’re ready for his arrival. Picking a yard If you’ve never owned a horse before, it’s very ...

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Get rid of that winter fuzz

Winter is a time that most fussy horse owners and riders hate, especially on the Highveld where our once sleek and shiny horses turn into raggedy, fluffy dust monsters. It sometimes seems as though we’ll never see them sleek and shiny again. Has your horse emerged from winter looking like a woolly mammoth? Here are a few tips to get ...

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Showing shine


When you set foot into the showring, you want your pony to be so gorgeous that the judge can’t stop looking at him. This takes hard work and a horse who is in peak condition. We help you with a few tips so that you sparkle and shine to perfection.

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