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Good grass: types of roughage

There are various roughage options available for the South African horse. The main options include lucerne hay, teff, Eragrostis curvula, Rhodes grass and oat hay. Roughage should be chosen to best suit the horse’s nutrient requirements. AlphaAlfa explains the nutritional value of the different types of grasses in this month’s issue. Legumes In comparison with grasses, legumes have a higher ...

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A working diet

A well-balanced diet is of utmost importance when it comes to the young horse, and ideally you need to feed something that complements his growth development and workload. Renita de Beer of Royal Feeds shares her insights about how young horses should be fed and constructing the perfect meal plan. Diet structure Horses are grazers by nature. Their bodies are ...

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Facts about forage

The link between concentrates and behavioural issues – interesting recent research on equine nutrition from Shelhi Horne. Foals weaned onto concentrates have a four times higher chance of crib-biting than those weaned onto forage diets. Horses fed moderate starch levels (22% of the diet) had increased heart rates compared with those on high-forage diets, which could indicate more reactivity and ...

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