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9 tips to choosing the right coach

All instructors have their own personal style of teaching, which will work for some but not for others. As a rider, you will likely change instructors a few times as you grow up, become more or less competitive, or change disciplines or yards. There are several factors we consider when choosing a coach, and we take a closer look at ...

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The new Land Rover Discovery: towing for dummies

The days of getting your friend or the groom to stand behind and direct you are long over. Land Rover’s previous models already feature advanced reverse cameras, and you can set the reverse camera to ‘hitch assist’, which shows you exactly where you need to steer in order to align the tow bar with the horsebox. One-man operation Once you’ve ...

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Stressed out

We all experience stress to some degree, and our horses are no different. A little stress can be a good thing if it is channelled in a positive way, but too much may cause distress, particularly in the horse who has a ‘fight or flight’ coping mechanism. Stress results in a high level of energy in the muscles, increasing the ...

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