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Do horses really not have feeling in their mane?

It’s long been thought that horses don’t have nerve follicles at the roots of their manes, but a recent study has demonstrated an increase in the heart rate of horses having their manes pulled – a clear sign of stress. That said, some horses stand willingly while others show obvious signs of discomfort, such as tossing their heads and swishing ...

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10 signs it’s time to move yards

Horse owners and riders settle on a yard for a variety of reasons, whether it’s for a particular coach, the yard’s facilities and care, its location, or most importantly, its price. All too often, there comes a time when riders feel it’s time to move on for any number of reasons. Horses thrive on routine, so it’s not a simple ...

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The DIY yard

Anyone who runs a yard – be it small or large – knows that keeping horses is no easy task. Things break and get lost on a daily basis, and horses find a way of getting themselves into trouble at the most inconvenient of times. It’s always handy as a horse owner to have a few tricks up your sleeve ...

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