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Holiday exercise

While some might be heading off for an exotic beach holiday or a trip overseas, others might be enjoying the peace and quiet of home. If you’re not planning on going anywhere, you might want to fill your days with some riding. Those who work full and busy weeks might also want to take advantage of the free time to ...

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Dressage for the showjumping horse

While showjumping might seem like a ‘point and shoot’ discipline to some spectators, a good showjumping round requires much more from the horse than just clearing the jumps. Showjumping demands the horse to be adjustable, flexible, in balance, have straightness in his body and have a good and powerful canter. Working the horse on the flat helps to keep him ...

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The shoulder-in

At the risk of sounding like every instructor who has ever taught you, I am going to start with a critical piece of information: If you are ever struggling to master a new movement or technique, you need to go back to basics. In dressage horses, this boils down to establishing balance and straightness. Regardless of if your horse is ...

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