Natural Horsemanship Clinic


The Natural Horsemanship Clinic was a huge success. The turnout was great!

The Natural Horsemanship Clinic was a huge success. The turnout was great and Roux Horsemanship really delivered on their promise to teach the spectators how to communicate with their horses effectively.

There was a total of eight horses booked for the clinic. The horses ranged from Warmblood crosses to Thoroughbreds and Arabs all between the ages of four and 15 years. The majority of the horses had never been backed and had some behavioural issues. The team managed to successfully back all of the horses in a calm and sensible fashion without the use of any force or intimidation.

Happy Hooves and a team of volunteers had set up a table with treats, drinks and a lunch menu. The sales generated from the refreshments and form their on-site tack and gift shop combined with the entrance fees. The amount raised for Happy Hooves was roughly R6,000.

Happy Hooves benefitted greatly from what they learned on the day. It has helped them to understand the horses as individuals and the problems that they deal with when they come in when emotionally traumatised. They will definitely host a clinic again in the future. Possibly even a three day workshop.

For more information on this initiative please visit the Happy Hooves website, or ‘like’ their Facebook page


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